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1911 Grip Screw Bushing Installation & Removal tool


Wood Grips introduces a tool you cannot live without!

The 1911 grip screw bushing installation & removal tool.  The accessory driver bits have a skirted blade that automatically centers in the narrow slot on 1911 grip screw bushings.  The skirt helps keep the blade in the slot making installation & removal of the bushings easier & safer.

The T-bar wrench enables high torque & more leverage for those very tight bushings.  The T-bar wrench is made from carbon steel, has a magnetic tip to hold the driver bits and enables bit storage in the handle.

The T-bar wrench is available with either standard or Ultra thin driver bit or all can be purchased as a combination.  It can be ordered with the grips at point of purchase or from the components page featuring screws & bushings.


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